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Photo by Aleksa Kalajdzic on Pexels.com

All of the books about sleep
and I have read many, many of them
(since while I am good at several things,
none of them are sleeping. )
But I digress. Lack of sleep does that.

All of the books about sleep
say that morning daylight
will jumpstart my inner
circadian clock
and make it easier to wake up
and sleep again

I am looking for morning daylight
but it is still dark
someone forgot to give the universe the memo
that I have to be at work early
and would the daylight come sooner, please
so that I could reset my rhythm?

I am looking for the morning light
checking every window
even going outside
in my pajamas
standing in the middle of the empty road
but no light to be seen
except for the planets lined up
Mercury, Venus, the Moon (our proxy)
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
Inspiring, but not light.

I am looking for the morning light
but it is still the heavy black of night
slowing movement and life
not even the birds
or the bossy border collie
think this is a good time to get up.

I am looking for the morning daylight
and It is not there.
Only a bare hint in the eastern sky
a promise of brightness to come.
but not now.