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Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

The quiet house livens up
the beauty of streaming music —
we are no longer dependent on the musical tastes of some
random studio manager or disc jockey
and music can decorate our time
like art does for space.

David Bowie sings of changes —
ch-ch-ch-ch- changes, really —
and that
time may change him
but he can’t change time.

Is he bragging or complaining?
Is he happy with the timeless status quo?
Or does he prefer time not change him?
That learning, growing,
forward movement of mass through space,
no longer have any effect.
same old, same old,
and if he could stop
time from making changes
when is the starting point?
Where is the point of non-malleability?
Or would that be stagnancy?
He is not a noble gas,
and when living things aren’t growing, they are dying.
so many things in the world
attempting to cause

And if he could stop time from changing him,
then he would change time.