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Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com

It’s another morning
and I wrack my brain
and my heart and soul
to ponder what I am feeling this morning
as the poet told me
feel what is felt
then go outside and notice everything.
But this morning, I have no particular feelings
just normal being
positive being, I am and it seems to be enough today.
but outside
it is dark
and difficult to notice anything beyond the screams
of the neighbor’s cat getting “lucky”
I suppose that deserves some mention
as sometimes herding

the images seen
fragrances inhaled
and sounds heard
can be like herding cats
that do Not want to be associated with the others
to follow the crowd
be be one cohesive person.

Maybe the feeling is more like
stringing beads
little hard, independent things
that will not meld with one another
that I can just join with a string
once I find that common thread.