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New palette
and the first thing
I want to do, before anything else
(including today’s writing)
is swatch the colors
comparing them to palettes I already have
and comparing the cake of paint
to the colors that appear
when mixed with water

Looking at the vibrancy on my little swatch card
and planning what color will look best
testing trying
what blends with this
what clashes with this
what just turns everything to a dark mud?

Now that I think about it,
poems for me
are swatching words
and seeing what they look like

when I add space to my word palette
see which words blend together
and which clash harshly
and what words do I need
to paint a picture
that I have in my mind
What words do I use
to paint a picture in your mind
so that you can see
what I see.
And maybe for about a minute
we can agree on something.