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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Why do I even show up
each day, blank page
spilling ink in exchange for what?
there is no money
no recompense in this
five cents in Google Ads notwithstanding

why do I even
when creation is either frowned upon
else just one more side hustle
the grind of our times

making content is praised —

exalted even–
rather than making art

To create art
to decorate space
the human response to the world around us
to create merely to create
order in the chaos
beauty in the ugliness
safe havens for those in pain, in danger
to put bright hues
In a world that is black and white, or so much gray

To encourage others
not to imitate
not to buy
but to be
and to create as well

(because certainly you can do
better than my bad art, right?)