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Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com

The weather finally decided
to approximate fall here in the south
a cool 40-degree morning is all it takes
for my inner bear to start to panic

Wanting all the carbs, because it’s winter, you see
and we need to sleep through the whole thing
We need to prepare, my inner bear and I
for a glorious hibernation
to luxuriate in fluffy clothing for a season
and not care about beach bodies, or any exposure, really
to rest, recover, and recoup
before the newness of spring
and the growth that will come later.

My inner bear has accumulated supplies:
rich hot cocoa
chicken stock concentrate – in bulk
warm woolen mittens
(but sorry, no kittens)
a new Netflix list
candles and matches.

But alas, tomorrow it will be
in the nineties again.

My inner bear is pissed.