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Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on Pexels.com

The Blood Moon floats in the sky
Spewing chaotic energy like so many pinpoint stars
(we don’t get to see them during regular full moons)

I normally don’t believe in things like that
the moon is just a rock
the red gradient simply

But this feels different
I can barely hear the voice of Galadriel –
but if for one wrong move, all is lost–
That kind of chaotic energy leads into

The chart asks, is it Good Chaos? Neutral Chaos? Evil Chaos?
The little gods we are, we spit out the lukewarm
Neutral Chaos –
what the hell does that even mean?

No, this Moon is the harbinger of Chaos, Good or Evil.
And who chooses which one?
The God of Adjectives?
The Voters?
My border collie? – He is always good chaos.

I stare at the moon again.
Maybe the chaos is always here, and the moon is only reminding me
it’s Tuesday
and those happen every week.