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Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com

I scheduled a class at a new yoga studio
and all I can think about–
What should I wear?

Which yoga pants will hide
my non-yoga-shaped body and
make me fit in?

Answer, of course, is none
no piece of spandex and nylon can possibly
absorb my anxiety
while wicking my sweat
and I am a fool
to think it can

Pants and a tee shirt
cannot hide anxiety
about a new place
about new people
about new in general

As if the right pants
will let the others know
that I fit
that I belong
I know what I am doing
when all three are the furthest from the truth.

The truth –
I am not a Lululemon* girl
looking for the perfect workout
But an anxious Member’s Mark** girl
seeking a smidgeon of peace
in pigeon pose.

*Lululemon is an expensive brand of athletic clothing
**Members Mark is the Sam’s brand.